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Loop business intelligence

Loop helps you improve your business from one platform.

Loop gives you transparency and visibility across your business. Loop then provides you with tools to improve performance and achieve consistency, including a sophisticated action planning tool where actions are directly linked to KPIs and data, and shared with those that can make an impact.

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  • One source of truth
  • Promoting consistency across your business
  • 75% of actioned KPIs improve

Rippl employee engagement

Rippl – incentives, recognition and reward platform for productive teams.

Rippl removes friction from getting the best out of your people, allowing organisations with frontline sales and services teams to motivate and celebrate their people. Powerfully combining incentives, recognition and reward, Rippl inspires behaviour, rewards performance, recognises brilliance and encourages feedback.

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  • Strengthen values & celebrate culture
  • Save money
  • Improve employee retention
Easy to turn lots of data, from multiple systems into distilled insight. Now we can understand our data, we act on it and business has improved massively!
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