Rippl FAQ

Is Rippl a native mobile app for IOS and Android?

Yes it is – and it’s also an optimised website for PCs, tablets and smartphones if users don’t want to download the app. 


Do you get much push back from your customers’ employees about using their personal phone for work?

A few years ago, yes, but not anymore. It’s now both accepted and with younger generations, expected. 


Is there a reward approval process built in?

There is – but there are some better alternatives that we’d be happy to discuss. 


How do you deal with negative posts?

We have hundreds of thousands of users on Rippl so it’s impossible to moderate every post. Anybody can report a post, customer administration users can take down any post, users have to be logged in to post and when posting the wording used encourages positivity. All of this combined means we see little or no negativity. Demonstrating trust in your teams will boost their engagement. Don’t let a few negative people stop you opening up dialogue with the positive majority. If your majority is negative, talk to us – we may be able to help. 


Do you offer a paper-based alternative?

No we don’t – we like to be on smartphones and in pockets and bags.


Do you offer rewards that aren’t gift cards, codes and vouchers?

Yes we do. We can help create the reward collection that best suits your company. Time off, for example, is a good alternative. After all – what’s more valuable than time?


I see you can run incentives from the app. Is this a lightweight, secondary feature or could it handle a number of meaty incentives all running at the same time?

We’ve created a sophisticated incentive builder that can run numerous incentives with varying incentive structures. Engagement can then be boosted by recognising incentive winners, or incentive winners sharing their story for others to be inspired by. Definitely not a secondary feature. 


Can you run employee engagement surveys through the app?

No, we have simple surveys and polls, but not engagement surveys. We’re happy to recommend another supplier. We love what Humu are doing – definitely worth giving them a look. 


What would my investment be for the app?

We don’t charge a setup fee nor do we tie you into a contract. You will just receive a monthly licence fee which will depend on the amount of users you have, with an initial 3 months up front.


I still have a question…

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, we’d love to hear it. Just drop us a line and we’ll answer your burning questions just as soon as we can.