Social Recognition and Engagement

Bring your values and culture to life through recognition & storytelling

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  • Strengthen values & celebrate culture

Your values and culture make you unique. Transform them from words on a page to authentic examples of colleagues and teams living them everyday.

  • Save money

Our analysis suggests that recognition on its own is powerful enough. Spend less on reward and set recognition free. Or reward people with the most precious thing of all, time off.

  • Improve employee retention

There is a direct link between a culture of appreciation and employee retention. People stay because they feel connected, positive and part of a celebrated community.

Benefits & Features of Rippl

How Rippl helps engage your teams

Social recognition
Sharing stories

Rippl is a native mobile app that in a few taps, allows employees to recognise a colleague or team, instantly sharing the recognition in a social timeline.

Unique to Rippl, colleagues can share their stories and the wonderful things they and their teams have achieved.


Nominate a colleague or team for doing something incredible, that stands out, that the whole community can appreciate, be inspired by and emulate.

Celebrate achievement from simple likes and comments to full on team celebrations.

Time off
Health & wellbeing

Time is a valuable commodity. Reward individuals with an extra hour for lunch, half a day, a day, or a week off.

Demonstrate your support for health & wellbeing at work by rewarding redemptions for mindfulness, meditation and exercise apps, gym memberships and wellbeing days.


Easy to configure and quick to deploy, surveys give a voice to your most important and influential community: your people.

Launch a poll in minutes and watch the votes come flooding in. How’s the new product? Who’s a worthy competitor? What do you think of the new canteen?

Creating a community and giving it a voice helps people feel appreciated.


Thoughtfully crafted incentives that encourage the right behaviours, whether sales, service or process.

Reward points from recognition and incentives collected in wallets and redeemed for gift cards, codes and vouchers. Create a unique reward collection focused on employee health and wellbeing.

Have fun

Bite-sized learning modules, set up in minutes, and complete in minutes. Making sure key knowledge is always front of mind.

Create a friendly team competition by combining team quiz scores and recognising winning teams.

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Our process

How we setup Rippl to boost your team in the right direction

01 Setup

There are no set costs to pay, just a simple monthly fee once launched.

02 Prepare

We'll run data and creative workshops with you and your team.

03 Onboard

From a simple email launch to a more impactful, creative launch - we are with you all the way.

04 ROI

Quarterly we’ll present user activity through data and people analytics, highlighting the costs saved and the impact made.

Find out how your business could improve with Rippl

Talk to River

Contact us, and discuss how Rippl + River can help to improve your business.

Is there a reward approval process built in?

There is – but there are some better alternatives that we’d be happy to discuss.

How do you deal with negative posts?

We have hundreds of thousands of users on Rippl so it’s impossible to moderate every post. Anybody can report a post, customer administration users can take down any post, users have to be logged in to post and when posting the wording used encourages positivity.  All of this combined means we see little or no negativity. Demonstrating trust in your teams will boost their engagement. Don’t let a few negative people stop you opening up dialogue with the positive majority. If your majority is negative, talk to us – we may be able to help.

Is Rippl a native mobile app for IOS and Android?

Yes it is – and it’s also an optimised website for PCs, tablets and smartphones if users don’t want to download the app.

Do you offer rewards that aren’t gift cards, codes and vouchers?

Yes we do. We can help create the reward collection that best suits your company. Time off, for example, is a good alternative. After all – what’s more valuable than time?

What would my investment be for the app?

We don’t charge a setup fee nor do we tie you into a contract. You will just receive a monthly licence fee which will depend on the amount of users you have, with an initial 3 months up front.