Loop FAQ

At River, we believe that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. In fact, feedback is vital to us in our mission to create a truly valuable product for our customers. So, we’ve tried to collect the most commonly posed questions about Loop, because the chances are, if you’ve thought of it, someone else probably has too. If the answer to your question isn’t here, please send us your comments and we’ll get back to you. If it’s a good one, we’ll even include it here.


We already have a number of systems and tools in our business. How do I choose which to work in?

Loop centralises all your key metrics in one place.You might have multiple systems reporting on different metrics but nowhere that gives you an overview of your business across a core number of KPIs.  Loop gives you visibility of what’s happening right now and facilitates proactive conversations from which measurable actions can be derived and tracked to improve performance.


Our business spans multiple countries – Is Loop available internationally?

It is, in any region of the world and in any language.


We already use a collaboration tool like Yammer or Slack to set actions. How is Loop any different?

There are lots of products designed to encourage collaborative activity. These are popular for encouraging ‘discussion’, but Loop ensures these actions are linked to business KPIs or key goals. This means actions don’t get lost or forgotten and progress can be easily tracked ensuring actions are completed. 


The trouble is, I am unsure how to give you our data.

Don’t worry – we manage all this for you. Put us in touch with the right people, in-house and / or a third party, and our experts will create the mechanisms to integrate your data into your platform. We’ll do the hard work for you and we have lots of experience.


Our data is in different formats – is this a problem?

Not at all and you are not alone. We are used to working with data in multiple formats, be it Excel-based extracts, or APIs that can pull it straight from the source.


Data security is critical – will our data be safe?

Absolutely; we have a Data Protection Officer that would work with you from the onset. We are audited for ISO 27001 compliance annually and comply with GDPR regulations. Typically we host our clients’ platforms on Microsoft Azure however should there be a requirement for you to host your platform we can certainly discuss this further.


This all sounds great, but how do I decide which KPIs to put into Loop?

We recommend deciding on a handful of KPIs which are really key to your business performance right now. An experienced team will work with you to determine what these are, understand what levels you will need to drill into, correlations, time periods, etc.


How do I get my teams to use another new tool, another product?

We suggest starting small, and then letting the success go viral. That’s exactly how we’ve implemented our internal rollout at River and where we have seen the greatest success in our other clients. We have experience with rolling out this type of software and can help with any relevant training etc.


Do users have to have a high level of technical or analytical skills to use Loop?

Not at all, Loop has been created in an intuitive user-friendly way for anyone to use.


Can it scale with me as the business grows?

Absolutely; Loop is a flexible and scalable platform that can grow with your business needs. Not only can you add new KPIs and dashboards but there is a suite of modules that you can bolt on as and when your business requires them. 


How much of the platform can be configured?

We want you to feel at home in your platform so as part of the initial setup you provide us with your branding and logo. We will also configure the platform against your product lines, hierarchies, reporting periods and create all your users along with their permissions.  If you have any specific configuration requests just let us know and our development team can explore options with you.


What if I need a feature unique to my business?

Our team will be on hand to work with you to scope and estimate any additional bespoke requirements you may have.


I am not always sat at my desk; can I access the platform on the move?

We support tablet devices so you can access your dashboards and modules remotely.


What browsers are supported?

We support all the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


I am not sure how many users I will need – will this affect the pricing?

Not at all, we know that the number of users can vary over time so to make this easy for you we provide unlimited user access.


How do I manage a trial of the product without pulling in every KPI and every employee in the organisation?

We recommend choosing 3 KPIs that are easy for you to access. At this stage we do not need any system access just sight of some feeds, some configurations and a few users. We will set up the platform so you can see how your dashboards could look and explore the performance management features at your leisure, applying it to your business. 


What would my investment be for Loop?

There is a setup fee and then a monthly licence fee driven by the number of data feeds and modules you have. The good news is you can scale the platform as you need to and we don’t tie you into a contract. For more detail just get in touch.


I still have a question…

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, we’d love to hear it. Just drop us a line and we’ll answer your burning questions just as soon as we can.