Action from Business Intelligence

Transform data into action and action into measurable performance improvement.

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  • One source of truth

Say goodbye to emailing KPI performance on spreadsheets and PDFs. Loop gives you one visible and transparent source of truth for all geographical locations across your business, at every level.

  • Promoting consistency across your business

By seamlessly integrating your X and O data (experience & operational), Loop promotes a balanced and consistent level of performance throughout your business.

  • 75% of actioned KPIs improve

A sophisticated action planning tool directly links actions to data & KPIs, monitors progress and measures impact. Combined with a scorecard, visit management and visual audit tools, Loop provides one home for performance and improvement.

Benefits & Features of Loop

How Loop improves
business performance

Drill down

KPIs are clearly displayed and accompanied by a visual representation of performance. At a glance you’ll understand performance, trends and what’s required by KPI.

Click on each KPI to drill down into the data. Whether it’s a sales KPI derived from a mix of product lines, or a customer service KPI made up of performance against multiple questions, just one click and your data is clearly presented and easy to interrogate.

Action planning
Action impact

Creating actions as part of an action plan is available throughout Loop.

Performance can be improved through certain actions or activity, managers and field teams and create an action, allocate the action to team members,set reminders and close the action once complete.

This focus on action directly associated with a KPI or other data within Loop, invariably sees a rapid improvement in performance. Sharing that action with other areas of the business facing similar challenges breaks down silos and shares best practice.

Focus areas

If consistency of both operational and experiential performance across your business or network is your goal, a balanced scorecard with clear rankings by KPI and overall performance will help you get there.

For each team, Loop illustrates the areas that will give the team the best chance of increasing their points and their ranking.

Visit management
Centralised planning

Specifically designs for field teams to plan, manage and follow up on site visits, Loop provides visit agendas, creates actions from visits and notes on what was agreed ensuring visits are efficient and productive with no misunderstanding.

Visit Management also provides management the ‘bigger picture’ with easy visibility of all visits – past and present – across their network.

Standards assessments
Visual audit

Customers want consistency wherever they experience your brand, anywhere in the world, whether it’s product displays, marketing material or following a process. By using Loop for audit, actions can be allocated against audit topics, monitored and closed once compliant.

Assessing and maintaining standards can be conducted in Loop giving visibility of compliance across your business.

Standardised assessment templates or custom assessments can be completed centrally, action plans generated from each assessment and KPIs created from assessment scores.

Data analysis

Using Loop’s visit management and Reporting functions you can tackle one of data’s more widespread and insidious issues – searchability and recovery.

Loop’s solutions to data storage and reporting are scalable too, expanding as your company grows while still arming you with the tools to find the most recent version, instantly.

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Our process

How we setup Loop to boost your business in the right direction

01 Which KPIs?
Find your KPIs

We get hands-on with your data and advise on the metrics that need to be tracked.

02 Excel docs, data feeds, etc.
Business intelligence at your fingertips

Whether your data is in-house or with a third party, we collect the data you need whatever the format.

03 Integrate your data into Loop
Surfacing data that’s usually hard to get

We seamlessly weave your data into Loop. Then we pull out the KPIs you need to track.

04 Launch Loop. Improve your business.
Gather your data, whatever the format

You can now track the KPIs that matter the most and continually improve your business.

Easy to turn lots of data, from multiple systems into distilled insight. Now we can understand our data, we act on it and business has improved massively!
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Find out how your business could improve with Loop

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We already have a number of systems and tools in our business. How do I choose which to work in?

Loop centralises all your key metrics in one place. You might have multiple systems reporting on different metrics but nowhere that gives you an overview of your business across a core number of KPIs.  Loop gives you visibility of what’s happening right now and facilitates proactive conversations from which measurable actions can be derived and tracked to improve performance.

Our data is in different formats - is this a problem?

Not at all and you are not alone. We are used to working with data in multiple formats, be it Excel-based extracts, or APIs that can pull it straight from the source.

Data security is critical - will our data be safe?

Absolutely, we have a Data Protection Officer that would work with you from the onset. We are audited for ISO 27001 compliance annually and comply with GDPR regulations. Typically we host our clients’ platforms on Microsoft Azure however should there be a requirement for you to host your platform we can certainly discuss this further.

Can it scale with me as the business grows?

Absolutely; Loop is a flexible and scalable platform that can grow with your business needs. Not only can you add new KPIs and dashboards but there is a suite of modules that you can bolt on as and when your business requires them.

What would my investment be for Loop?

There is a set-up fee and then a monthly licence fee driven by the number of data feeds and modules you have. The good news is you can scale the platform as you need to and we don’t tie you into a contract. For more detail just get in touch.