Providing an easy route to visualising and improving Sales and Aftersales performance

The Challenge 

  • Multiple data sources and lots of KPI data for UK Network – Sales and Aftersales 
  • All performance data was Excel-based – open to human error
  • Huge amount of time and resource required to work out bonus achievements and payouts
  • No central place to store KPIs
  • Lack of clarity on where to focus
  • Prone to delays and issues with data supply
  • Lack of confidence in data accuracy.

The Solution 

River delivered a web-based platform providing managers and dealers with:

  • Centralisation of multiple data feeds 
  • Visualisation of their KPIs across the hierarchy
  • Quick and easy online access to key KPIs
  • Detailed KPI reporting 
  • Launched in 2014 to their UK network – HO, Field Manager and force and depot managers
  • Web platform to host their dealer incentive bonus tracker
  • They have a central tool to run weekly incentives to motivate retailers
  • Support across multiple devices
  • Automation of data processing
  • An agreed schedule/timescale of when data should be provided.

The Impact

  • The platform helps drive performance improvement throughout the Volvo’s entire UK network
  • Multiple data feeds are now centralised and data is displayed in a clear and coherent way
  • Automated and seamless data feeds support proactive management.
  • Volvo now have confidence in ‘one version of the truth’ and can make business decisions based on accurate data
  • With transparency of performance they know how much bonus to pay 
  • Tracks long term performance 
  • Advises on how to earn additional points (points mean £££)
  • Focus on KPIs that matter
  • Easy identification of depots that require additional help and support from HO.