The Mercedes-Benz brand demands an exceptionally high level of service. By bringing the entire Mercedes-Benz community together through technology, they can now share great things that are happening, share best practice and inspire each other day in, day out.

The Challenge

  • Like most automotive manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz Vans used to run sales incentives for dealer sales teams
  • Sales teams are an important, but relatively small percentage of the overall dealer team
  • They realised that the whole team has an impact on the customer experience. And it’s that experience that leads to sales
  • Lavish incentive trips and thousands of pounds worth of vouchers for a few people is a very exclusive and expensive way to influence sales team behaviour and it gets more expensive and expected every year
  • Mercedes-Benz needed to break that cycle, but at the same time could see the benefit of an ever-closer dealer community.


The Solution

  • A programme where all 4,000 dealer staff feel connected, informed and recognised
  • Delivered on Rippl, our native mobile app, directly to participants’ smartphones
  • The whole dealer team is involved with incentives,where winning teams share a pizza, have a BBQ set up and served on site, or an artisan coffee maker – in an inclusive, celebratory way. Much less costly, but a greater impact on everyone than an all expenses paid trip for just one employee
  • Campaigns, news, product information and sales updates are a few taps away and go straight to the people Mercedes-Benz rely upon to represent their iconic brand accurately to customers. 


The Impact

  • Mercedes-Benz have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds in reward spend
  • Up and down the country, dealer staff are sharing their stories, recognising colleagues and teams, feeding back through polls and surveys
  • At the same time, they have a more connected dealer community offering a consistently high customer experience nationally
  • Managing Director, Steve Bridge stated that ‘I had no idea of how many wonderful things were happening out there, every day. Such great examples of how we keep our customers moving’
  • Technicians and service advisors play a crucial role and when they leave, so does their skill and knowledge. Historically hard to engage, a smartphone app solves that problem
  • In 2019 Mercedes-Benz has broken all sales records, in a year where others are struggling.