Turning confusion into clarity for one of the UK’s largest automotive manufacturers – how River helped Honda UK turn their labyrinth of sales data into a clear road to performance improvement.

The Challenge

  • As experts in dealing with automotive data, Honda approached River with a desire to improve their data management across multiple sources from a variety of third-party systems
  • Honda was awash with data, and spent a ton of their time manually producing sales reports. This exposed Honda to high risk of human error
  • By the time sales performance problems were identified, it was too late to rectify, so there was no performance transparency.

The Solution

  • River delivered our web-based dashboard platform for Honda which centralised all of their required data sources
  • Automated daily data feeds ensuring real time, up to date information
  • Displayed key sales metrics on a visually appealing dashboard
  • Provided a drill down of information to give Honda granular insight of their performance
  • Gave them a hierarchical view of their performance from Head Office to individual Dealers.

The Impact

  • Provides a meaningful and accurate data source which is now easily viewed and understood
  • Provides a centralised and up to date health check of key sales measures
  • Saves reporting time and costs with seamless, automated data feeds
  • Human error has now been removed and reporting is credible and reliable
  • Each KPI is shown as a cumulative measure versus target
  • Allows Honda to take proactive steps to address issues and rectify them before it is too late
  • Highlights to individuals where to focus their effort, allowing timely and relevant action to be taken.