Using people analytics to demystify engagements

It’s great to see the return of the People Analytics Forum to the UK. As Europe’s leading People Analytics event, the speakers nicely bring together the importance of using data and analytics to continuously engage, connect and improve every company’s biggest asset – their people.

The most successful organisations – big, small and everything in between – all have something in common.

They create caring, compassionate, human and psychologically safe working environments. In return, their people are more emotionally connected to their company, job, colleagues, leaders and customers. The result of this? Highly engaged and profitable companies, and high performing teams.

Effective people engagement initiatives should be ongoing and not just a one-off.

More and more in the digital workplace, these initiatives should be underpinned by a software platform that not only provides analytics but also a programme of continuous improvement.

This approach allows companies to encourage and enable innovative forms of engagement and look for collaborative ways to connect adhoc teams together, allowing pockets of brilliance to flourish and opportunities for improvement to get the focus they deserve.

We believe this approach will allow companies to truly Engage-Connect-Improve – inspiring their people to have great days at work.

At River, we have tonnes of experience of running and evolving engagement programmes. They always have fun at the heart – so people enjoy being engaged. Connecting is fun! We should all have a way to come together, to connect, to discuss those pockets of brilliance within our team or organisation, and discover areas where we can improve.

It should always be integrated and social to allow this connection to happen – and a social engagement tool can offer this. Once we’ve connected and come together, we can really focus on getting things done; with real-time data, collective insights, and collaboration. If we collaborate where our data lives, we put all of our business insights at the heart of the conversation.

So, a social connections platform can improve the speed at which insights can be reached and business decisions made.

Continuous improvement then comes naturally. Having live data means that findings are immediately available, and actions can be taken in real time, one-to-one or one-to-many. There will be no more silos and fragmented data; instead a software platform that provides visible, searchable, actionable data in one place. This will help to encourage a continuous improvement culture that nicely ties in with a highly engaged team!