International Podcast Day: River Recommends

River’s Recommends: Our favourite podcasts for International Podcast Day

Did you know that September 30th is widely celebrated as International Podcast Day? (Check out #InternationalPodcastDay on social media for all the goings-on!) To honour the day, the wonderful people at River have put their heads together to come up with a list of their favourite podcasts. Perhaps you’re getting bored of listening to the radio whilst working from home, tired of your usual show or have never even dipped your toe in to the world of podcasts!?

No matter what podcast stage you’re at, there’s something in River’s recommendations to suit everyone – from intellectual, fact-filled programmes to laugh-out-loud listens.

1. Stuff You Should Know (SYSK)

Who: Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant (Writers at HowStuffWorks)

What: Recommended by several members of Team River, this podcast involves a varied collection of well-known topics that most people have heard of, but know little detail about. Josh and Chuck delve into the ins and outs of topics including champagne, Rosa Parks, true crime, sweepstakes and sneezing!

Where: Available on Spotify and iHeartRadio 

2. The Tim Ferriss Show

Who: Tim Ferriss (American entrepreneur)

What: As one of the top-rated business podcasts, Ferriss cherry-picks interesting guests (including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Sharapova and Vince Vaughn) and questions them on their key to success. The podcasts aim to extract the ‘tactics, tools and routines’ the guests use, providing you with useful takeaways to inject into your own life.


3. Making Sense

Who: Sam Harris (neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author)

What: Perfect for those who like a good debate, Harris’ podcast facilitates conversations with guests about “consciousness, morality and the future of humanity”. Topics so far include social cohesion, the new future of work and wealth and happiness.


4. The Ricky Gervais Show

Who: Ricky Gervais (who’d have thought?!)

What: A slightly older podcast but still worth a listen. Perhaps you’re a big fan of Netflix’s Afterlife and are looking for another slice of Gervais’ comedy? There’s several episodes available covering everything from Law and Order to Natural History.


5. Sh**ged Married Annoyed

Who: Chris Ramsey and Rosie Ramsey (comedic husband and wife duo)

What: A down-to-earth podcast where the couple discuss all the normal things in life, this show is bound to make you laugh. Common topics covered include the quirks of married life, family issues and their beloved pet.

Where: Spotify 

6. Elis James and John Robins

Who: As the podcast name suggests, Elis and John (British comedians)

What: Perfectly summarised by a member of Team River: “It’s just a good laugh. A couple of British comedians playing silly games and fun features. You won’t learn anything but will come away smiling”.

Where: BBC 5 Live and Spotify 

7. Evil Genius

Who: Russell Kane (British comedian)

What: An unusual format where Kane invites guests onto a panel to conclude whether well-known icons should be deemed as ‘Evil’ or ‘Genius’. You’ll learn new facts about famous heroes and villains that you thought you knew inside out. People covered so far include Elvis Presley, Karl Marx and Charlie Chaplin.

Where: BBC 4

We hope that River’s recommendations have tantalised your taste buds to try out some new podcasts! If you have any other recommendations to share, tweet us @riveragency using #InternationalPodcastDay