Predictions report booklet open on table

Predictions Report 2018

Observations in employee engagement and business performance

Productivity battles, the emergence of Generation Z and a mass of digital innovation to wade through. How will you tackle the challenges of the years ahead?

We hope these observations, which are based on conversations with our customers in retail, automotive and other transformational sectors, will spark a discussion about how your business will navigate 2018 and beyond.

This free report was written by River’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Anthony Monger. It includes insights into emerging trends in people engagement. It also details the link between improving how people feel and rapid, extraordinary business improvement.

“By understanding emerging trends and market influences, we can learn what we, as business leaders, need to focus on in 2018 and beyond.” – Ant Monger

What you’ll learn

Predictions report booklet on a table

  • The 8 predictions to focus on in 2018, and beyond
  • What role digital tools will play in connecting workplaces
  • How to prepare for Generation Z
  • The link between recognition and values
  • And lots more..

Who’s it for?

If you’re looking at ways to foster innovation, collaboration and business improvement, then this report is for you. Engagement professionals, Operations and Sales leaders in any industry will find this report an informative viewpoint on emerging trends in people management and business improvement.

About the Author

Engagement specialist, Anthony Monger, has a passion for employee engagement. He has extensive experience of working in people engagement, gathered from both his career at River but also his time spent working in the performance improvement industry. Anthony is on a mission to help businesses understand the advantages of people engagement, in creating highly efficient, cross-functional teams, that deliver continuous improvement and positive business impact.